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Stretch Mark Cream

Rs. 299.00

Made with the goodness of lanolin, shea butter and lavendar, our Stretch Mark Cream can moisturise and soothe itchy skin. This cream is made to treat stretch marks and improve skin elasticity.


STRETCH MARK CREAM (White lines, stretch marks)

HOW TO USE : Take some amount apply stretch mark part leave it over night wash it off next morning with cool water. Can use every night for best results.

Ingredients : with a goodness of lanolin , Shea butter, lavender, etc.,

You know we have products for all your skin and hair concern.
Well this product is especially made for the stretch marks.
Not many of us will treat this issue as soon as it comes.
The goodness of lanolin helps to cure stretch marks which you have since from your birth or which occurs recently.
After pregnancy most of mommies will face this issue.
Stop worrying about it and just say hi to honey n beauty products!

How to Apply

Take a small amount of our stretch mark cream and apply it on the regions with stretch mark. Let it rest over night. Wash it off the next morning with cool water.