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Under Arm Cream

Rs. 240.00

Want smooth even toned underarms? Here is the perfect & proven underarm whitening formula to get rid of dark & patchy underarms


UNDER ARM CREAM (Dark pigmented underarm)

HOW TO USE : Take some amount apply underarm area leave it over night wash it off next morning with cool water. Can use every night for best results.

Ingredients : With a goodness of saffron, gerenium, lavender, etc.,

Underarm darkness is the major and common issues that we all face.
Here is our best solution for this concern.
Due to lot of sweating and wearing tight clothes doesn't allow the natural air to get in.
This drive to darkness in underarm area.
To solve this issue we have come up with underarm darkness removal cream.
Use this and get back your original skin tone.
No hesitation to wear sleaveless tops!

How to Apply

Take a some amount of our underarm cream and let it stay over night. Wash it off next morning with cool water.

For the best results make sure to use our underarm cream every night.