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Bridal Kit - Total Care (10 product kit)

Rs. 2,499.00

Are you a bride-to-be? Glow on your wedding day with our 360 care kit that includes skincare, haircare, lipcare & bodycare essentials. These bridal skincare essentials gives visibly brighter, revitalized and even toned skin with reduced pigmentation & fine lines.

This Kit will have 24K Gold Serum , Cleopatra Clay Mask , Glow Face Cream , Camel Milk Soap , Under Eye Gel , Beetroot Lip Balm , Henna Body Lotion , Aloe Vera Gel , Herbal Shampoo , Hair Serum

Removes Pores , Black Circle , Pimples , Skin Dryness , Hair Brittleness 
Gives Shiny Glow Skin , Smooth hair & Enhance your Beauty
✔️ Home Grown Formula ✔️ 100% Natural Ingredients ✔️ Paraben-Free ✔️ No Harmful Chemicals ✔️ Gender neutral skincare