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Hair Care Kit

Rs. 1,262.00

This Kit is perfect for a complete hair care routine. Gives the right amount of nourishment, controls hair fall, excess oil, split ends & makes your hair shiny & smooth.

This kit will have Herbal shampoo, herbal bottle, hair regrowth oil, neem comb, hair pack.
A complete kit to have a spa like experience for your hair. Reduces hair fall, hair damage, split ends, frizz etc. Also helps to promote hair regrowth & strengthens hair.

✔️ Home Grown Formula ✔️ 100% Natural Ingredients ✔️ Paraben-Free ✔️ No Harmful Chemicals ✔️ Gender neutral skincare
How to Apply

Step -1:

Apply our hair regrowth oil all over scalp wait for minimum of 2 hours and then wash your hair with our herbal shampoo.

Step -2:

Take a small amount of our hair pack and mix it with curd or water.
Apply the mixture all over your scalp and let it set for 20-25mins. Rinse it off with our herbal shampoo.

For the best results make sure to use the hair pack twice a week.

Step -3:

Herbal bottle contains 20+ natural ingredients add pure coconut oil in the bottle. Let it set for a day and apply it all over your scalp.

For the best results make sure to use it regularly.

Step -4:

Wash or rinse your hair with herbal shampoo weekly thrice.

Step -5:

Detangle your hair with our neem comb and reduce the hair friction which could damage your hair.