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Under Eye Mask

Rs. 257.00

This Under Eye Mask will do miracles for your skin, revitalising the skin around your eyes combating dark circles and wrinkles.


UNDER EYE MASK - Purely Natural

1. It is made with the goodness of Indian hog plum(kadukai) and Licorice
2. Take a small amount of powder, mix it with water and apply on your under-eye area.
3. Let it dry and wash it off with cold water.

1. Reduces dark circles and wrinkles. The major ingredients in the product perform to the fullest and are proven to be effective in treating dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes
2. Promotes even skin tone. They also provide an even skin tone which makes the skin fair and good looking.

How to Apply

Take a small amount of our under eye mask and mix it with water. Apply it in the area with dark circles and once dried, wash it off with cool water.