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Rs. 276.00

> Suitable for both men and Women
> Control the sweat smell
> Makes the underarms soft and itching free
> Reduce the darkness and lightens the akin
> 100% chemical free


DEO SHOT – Vital and organic

1. It contains the goodness of coconut oil, shea butter, coco butter, almond oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil and beetroot extracts.
2. Apply a little amount of deo shot in your dry underarms and neck after shower.
3. Your body may take some time to adopt to the natural deodorant if you are using it for the first time, do not threaten yourself.

1. Prevents odour. The various essential oils present in the product help to lock the odour and refreshes the sweat smell.
2. Keeps your aroma fresh and good. The ingredients in the product also helps to yield a better results when it is used in a regular basis. The properties in the product fight against the sweat smell and react to produce good aroma.

How to Apply

After a Shower take small amount of deo shot apply onto dry underarm & neck. It's a long stay, use it again when you wish. If you are using a natural Deodorant for the first time, please inderstand that your Body may or may not need time to adapt to it. Your skin will undergo detox before adjusting to an organic certified deodorant.


With the goodness of Coconut oil, shea butter, coco butter, almond oil, Argan Oil, roship Oil, sunflower oil, beetrot extract etc.,