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Henna Body Lotion

Rs. 305.00

Pamper yourself with body spa like experience at your home.
Nourish your body with the goodness of henna leaves & coconut oil to remove back acne, body tan, dryness & pigmentation on body.


HENNA BODY LOTION – Fully natural

1. Functions as a moisturiser.
2. Can be used as a night cream for full body.
3. Can be applied after bathing as day cream when you go out.

1. Removes sun tan and gives even skin tone. Henna naturally reacts in promoting the skin tone. When mixed with other ingredients of the product the benefits of henna are wholesome
2. Adds glow to your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. As we know skin hydration is very important in all the seasons the product has proven to maintain proper pH balance of the skin

How to Apply

For glowing skin, all day long apply the henna body lotion regularly after bathing with our golden glow soap.

Note: Avoid the application of henna body lotion on the face. The presence of coconut oil may add more oiliness to the face.