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24K Gold Serum

Rs. 266.00

The 24k Gold Serum brightens and evens out dull skin and gives you an instant glow. It also has anti-aging properties that rejuvenate your skin by renewing dead skin cells.



HOW TO USE: Take 24k roll bottle apply all over face except eyes lips massage well and go to sleep… next morning wash it with herbal soap like glow or charcoal etc., Use daily for getting awesome result.

Ingredients : Enriched with manjasti, black and white vettiver, saffron & 14+ herbs etc.,

Our top selling all rounder magical product is here.
Grab this one product for all your skin problems.
24k Gold serum helps to clear your pimples,acne,black spots, pigmentation and gives you a healthy glowing skin.
We have sold nearly 1 lakh+ serum bottles.
And you know what, we haven't received even a single negative review from our customers.
Trust us and get this you will never regret.

How to Apply

Massage with the 24K Gold Serum, a miraculous blend of manjasti, saffron, and other exotic herbs.

Note: Avoid the application over lips


24K Gold Serum is a miraculous potion with a unique blend of manjasti, saffron, and 24 other exotic herbs.