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Forehead Baldness Serum

Rs. 495.00

Be it hair thinning, or small bald spots affect your lookbook. Crafted to treat bald spots and give your hair a denser look, Forehead Baldness Serum is all you need.



HOW TO USE: Take some amount, massage it in circular motion on baldness & forehead area & leave it overnight. Oil should be applied every night. Wash your hair weekly 3 times with hair regrowth oil & herbal shampoo.

Ingredients : With a goodness of jojoba oil, olive oil, onion oil, ginger oil, garlic oil, 35+ oils.

Are you tired of trying enormous products for forehead baldness and ends with failure!?
Don't lose your hope..Here is your last and best try.
Our forehead baldness serum infused with 40+ essential oils.
Which will assure that your baldness will soon be filled with new baby hairs.
Say hi to new baby hairs!

How to Apply

Apply our Forehead Baldness serum in areas when hair's thinning and baldness.