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Hair Serum

Rs. 312.00

Straight hair? Don't care. Cute curls? Slay them. With our Hair Serum, rock your hair, whatever type it is, without frizz and tangles.



HOW TO USE: After hair wash let it dry after hair dried just spray the serum hair fully and comb it. Hair will be come straight and smooth. Use this regularly hair become soft day by day.

Ingredients : With a goodness of Aloevera juice.,

Hair serum is a must have product in your bucket list.
Even long hair was unpleasing when it looks frizzy and dry.
Hair serum gives life to dull and frizzy hair.
Never visit parlour for chemical treatments just to make your hair shiny.
Because it is possible in a organic natural way.
Our hair serum makes your hair looks so shiny like a glitter.

How to Apply

After taking a hair bath once your hair is dried just spray the serum and comb your hair. This helps in the process of making your hair straight and smooth.

For best results make sure to use our hair serum regularly.