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Anti Grey Hair Oil

Rs. 327.00

Say bye to artificial hair colouring. Let's restore your natural hair colour in organic ways with Anti Grey Hair Oil.


ANTI GREY HAIR OIL- Original and Organic

1. It is made up of the extracts of false daisy, amla, licorice and many more.
2. Take few drops and massage on your entire scalp.
3. Leave it for an hour and rinse your hair with paraben and sulphate free shampoo.

1. Prevents pre matured hair greying. Amla helps to maintain strong and thick hair and also acts as a natural healing agent on grey hair.
2. Nourishes your scalp and treats grey hair. Daisy and licorice maintain proper pH balance of the scalp and deeply nourishes the hair to prevent premature hair greying

How to Apply

Apply our anti-grey hair oil all over your scalp, and wait for minimum of 2 hours. Wash your hair with our herbal shampoo.