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Herbal Bath powder

Rs. 299.00

Honey n Beaute's Bath Powder helps to lighten skin complexion and gives you a glowing skin by eliminating skin inflammation spots, and imperfections with no side effects


HERBAL BATH POWDER - Organic and Essential

1. It is made with the goodness of Korai Kizhangu and many more herbal ingredients.
2. Take the required amount of powder, mix it with water or raw milk and scrub it on your body.
3. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and the rinse your body with water, use it regularly for better results.

1. Cures body acne, and reduces body odour. The dry ingredients in the product will help to remove the dirt and pollution from the skin and deeply cleanses the skin.
2. Reduced body heat and regulates body temperature. This product when used on a regular basis cures body acne and also regulates the temperature of the body thereby leading to the cure of skin damage due to body temperature.

How to Apply

Take a small amount bath powder and mix it with water and apply all over body scrub well and let it set for 2-mins. Wash the bath powder off with running water.