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Bath powder

Rs. 272.00

Honey n Beaute's Bath Powder helps to lighten skin complexion and gives you a glowing skin by eliminating skin inflammation spots, and imperfections with no side effects

Our bath powder is made of sun dried & hand pounding select herbs like Koorai Kizhangu, Vettiver, Rose petals etc. It reduces body acne, heat bumps & gives an even skin tone to your body. Be fresh throughout the day when you bath with this organic bath powder.

✔️ Home Grown Formula ✔️ 100% Natural Ingredients ✔️ Paraben-Free ✔️ No Harmful Chemicals ✔️ Gender neutral skincare
How to Apply

Take a small amount bath powder and mix it with water and apply all over body scrub well and let it set for 2-mins. Wash the bath powder off with running water.