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Dark Neck Cream

Rs. 240.00

Suffering with dark neck patches? This customised organic formulation helps to treat hyper pigmentation in neck. It helps to get rid of scaly & dark patches around your neck.



HOW TO USE : Take Adequate amount of cream..gently apply all over your neck...wash off the product in next morning.
Use this magical cream every night before sleep for desire results.

INGREDIENTS : with a goodness of saffron, kichili kizhangu, etc., Note : Try a patch test before you apply it on neck.

We can't stop wearing fancy chains because we love those.
But these fancy chains make our neck dark and spoil it's beauty.
We have made this product especially to treat this concern.
With the goodness of these ingredients mentioned above..you can easily remove the darkness and get back to original skin tone.
Never stop wearing what you love! When we are here.

How to Apply

Take a small amount apply dark neck area and let it rest over night. Wash it off next morning with cool water.

For the best results make sure to use them every night.


with a goodness of saffron, kichili kizhangu, etc.,