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Gua Sha

Rs. 837.00

The best face massage roller


1. Ensure clear skin befire usage.

2. Keep the tool parallel to your skin and give start pushing it upwards.

3. Repeat it till your face gets rid of the muscle tension and then relax

1.The product is home made and does not make any damage to your skin. It relieves the tension in your muscles and also promotes blood circulation.

2. Using the tool with too much pressure is not recommended, however, it depends on the texture of your skin. It normalises the blood flow to your skin and helps to get a stress free and healthy face
How to Apply

Before you begin, make sure your skin is clean and apply a facial oil or moisturiser of your choice.
Angle the gua sha tool as close to parallel with your skin as possible (you don't want to dig the edge straight in like you're chopping). Place the fingers of your free hand close to the tool's edge to provide some resistance.
Gently sweep the tool up and out toward the perimeter of your face. At the end of each stroke, give the tool a little extra wiggle to help release the tension.
Repeat each stroke three times - you can build up to more once you've learned your skin's tolerance.
Use as needed on other areas following the same steps.