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Herbal Bottle

Rs. 252.00

A bottle of pure natural wonder! Herbal Bottle is a magic blend of Hibiscus, Blackseeds,
Amla, Black Vettiver, White Vettiver to nourish your hair


HERBAL BOTTLE – Vital and Cold Pressed

1. It contains more than 20 natural ingredients.
2. Soak the ingredients in pure cold pressed coconut oil for twenty-four hours.
3. After twenty-four hours massage the oil on your scalp and hair.

1. It nourishes you scalp and strengthens your hair. Coconut oil has natural impacts in helping to grow strong and healthy hair and when mixed with other natural ingredients promotes effective hair growth
2. It prevents hair loss and promotes faster hair growth. All the natural ingredients present in the products enhances healthy development of hair and helps to maintain your hair strong and healthy

How to Apply

Herbal bottle contains 20+ natural ingredients add pure coconut oil in the bottle. Let it set for a day and apply it all over your scalp. For the best results make sure to use it regularly.