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Herbal Bottle

Rs. 252.00

A bottle of pure natural wonder! Herbal Bottle is a magic blend of Hibiscus, Blackseeds,
Amla, Black Vettiver, White Vettiver to nourish your hair


Wonder in a bottle! Meet the super blend of herbs that provide healthy hair and scalp. No matter what your hair issues are, this wonder bottle will surely give you the cure. Just add pure cold-pressed coconut oil to the dry herb mixture, let it infuse for a day and apply all over scalp and hair daily.

✔️ Home Grown Formula ✔️ 100% Natural Ingredients ✔️ Paraben-Free ✔️ No Harmful Chemicals ✔️ Gender neutral skincare

How to Apply

Herbal bottle contains 20+ natural ingredients add pure coconut oil in the bottle. Let it set for a day and apply it all over your scalp. For the best results make sure to use it regularly.