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Lip Care Kit

Rs. 657.00

This 3 combo product helps you get rid of pigmented, dry & chapped lips. Use this kit to get soft & supple pinkish lips. Maintain a healthy & even-toned lips.

This kit will have lip scrub, lip balm & lip gloss serum. Helps remove dead skin cells by soft exfoliation. Targets the pigmented areas to give pinkish lips. Helps combat chapped & dry lips by deeply hydrating & soothing your lips.

✔️ Home Grown Formula ✔️ 100% Natural Ingredients ✔️ Paraben-Free ✔️ No Harmful Chemicals ✔️ Gender neutral skincare
How to Apply

Step -1:

Take a small amount of the lip scrub and just apply it on upper and lower lips. Scrub with your lips for 5-10 mins and wash the scrub off with water.

Step -2:

Take a small amount of our lip serum massage onto lips gently, and then wipe it off.

Step -3:

Finish off your lipcare routine with our lip balm. For the best results make sure to apply lip balm during night this will help the essence of our lip balm to settle down for a minimum time period of 7 hrs. Make sure to protect your lips by applying them every day when you step out.