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Redwine Face Wash

Rs. 288.00

Made of 10+ organic ingredients, this face wash helps in removing dirt from face, brightens skin, spot reduction, removes blackheads, whiteheads & shrink pores


RED WINE FACEWASH – Pure and Natural

1. It contains the extracts of red wine, glycerine, hibiscus and many more
2. Apply a little amount on your face and neck and massage in clockwise circular motion,
3. Rinse with running water.

1. Adds glow to your skin. Red wine is an agent of skin complexion that also makes your skin tone even and adds an instant glow to your skin leaving the skin supple.
2. Keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. Glycerine gives clear skin and hibiscus extracts increase the water content of the skin. When both the ingredients are combined they provide a healthy and good looking skin.

How to Apply

Take a small amount of red wine face wash and apply it all over your face. Massage it well and wash it off with running water.