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Foot Crack Cream

Rs. 239.00

Honey n Beaute Foot Care Crack Cream is a must-have for any personal care regimen. It softens and helps smoothes cracked feet.



HOW TO USE: Take some amount apply foot part leave it over night wash it off next morning with cool water. Can use every night for best results.

INGREDIENTS : with a goodness of lanolin,Shea butter, lavender, etc.,


Skincare is not only about face. It includes head to toe.
With this thought we have created this product especially for your beautiful feet.
Foot crack cream helps to reduce the cracks in your foot.
The ingredients presents in this products feed your skin with good nourishment.
It helps to moisturise the skin deeply while penetrating with butters.
Never worry about your foot spoiling your entire look!

How to Apply

Wash your foot with warm water. Scoop up a small amount of our foot crack cream. Apply it all over your feet and give your foot a gentle massage . Let it set for the night.