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Foot Soak

Rs. 270.00

Our Foot Soak, made from essential minerals like Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Rose Petals, etc., gives your feet the much needed relief from pain, swelling and prevents bacterial growth. It also boosts muscle and nerve function.


HOW TO USE: Take some amount, add to half bucket of hot water. Soak your legs inside the water, wait for 5 mins. After 5 mins wipe with towel.

Ingredients: With a goodness of Epsom salt, dead sea salt, rose petals, etc.,

We all visit parlour atleast once for a pedicure.
Because we think only spending so much amount in a pedicure will makes our foot relaxed and get rid of dead skin cells.
It is not so..our herbal foot soak will relax your foot and you will be mesmerised with the results.
Get soft supple foot just by sitting and chilling with our foot soak.
How to Apply

Take a small amount of our foot soak, add about half a bucket of hot water.
Soak your feet inside the water, keep your feet soaked for about 5 mins. After 5 mins wipe your feet with towel.